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Stats SA aims to produce timely, accurate and accessible official statistics to help advance economic growth, development and democracy in the new South Africa.
You will find everything you need to know about importing and exporting goods on this website - contact info, procedures, legislation, amendments etc.
Coschem is an active, well-established Society, whose main function is  the interchange of ideas in the cosmetic science and technology industry. The  website provides a wealth of  industry related information  including conference details, lectures, cosmetic courses etc.
The society is based in Johannesburg, there are chapters in Durban and Cape Town.
The Alcogroup is one of the world leaders in fermentation and synthetic ethanol sales in fuel, industrial, healthcare and food uses.
A comprehensive information and reference website for distillers of industrial alcohol, neutral beverage spirits, fuel ethanol, whisky/whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, pisco, aguardiente, ouzo, shochu, soju, arak, raki, etc.