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NCP Alcohols Umgeni, Durban, South Africa

NCP Alcohols Activity Overview

NCP Alcohols is a multinational company operating in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa where we manufacture and supply award-winning high quality neutral potable ethanol and other related products for a wide range of industries around the globe.

Strengthened by our connection to a global network of companies, the AlcoGroup our knowledgeable, experienced management team, dedicated employees, a board of directors, and a network of advisors with extensive experience in all aspects of the business enable us to achieve year-on-year international accolades.

Our customers are loyal to our brand and include well known, blue chip local and international companies in the beverage, toiletries, food and medical fields. We’re proud to play our part in being responsible towards our natural surroundings and continually make sure that we meet the most stringent environmental standards.

Honouring our commitment in providing our customers with product that is safe we make use of the HACCP programme that ensures traceability from raw material to finished product controlling any potential hazards in the manufacture and distribution of our products.

We are committed to maintain our conscientious vibrant culture because it is the way we drive our outrageous commitment to our product and service to our customers.

Looking back at 150 years of ethanol distilling

Our history dates back to 1868 when the first rum distillery in South Africa was built on the site by Monsieur Phillippe, a Mauritian engineer involved in the budding Natal sugar industry. Back then molasses was sourced from the farm Bishopstoke, a few hundred meters down the road, and rum produced at the distillery was first entered into an international competition at an exhibition in London in 1873, how it faired was not recorded.

A part of the original building is still in use today, overlooking a modern, state-of-the-art distillation facility on the banks of the Umgeni River. Occasional flooding used to cause problems for the site and it was only until the course of the Umgeni River was changed to straighten its banks and dams were built further upstream that the site was safe.

In 1944 Umgeni Distilleries Ltd. was acquired by National Chemical Products (NCP), a company founded in 1935 for the production of ethanol from maize, mainly used for blending with petrol for use as motor fuel. Capacity was increased and in 1967 NCP became a founder member of the Sentrachem Group, creating a large diverse South African chemical company.

In the late nineties Sentrachem was acquired by the Dow Chemical Company with specific interest in their agricultural chemicals and polypropylene businesses.

In February 2001 NCP Alcohols was purchased by Alcofinance S.A., a Belgian based company that is part of the AlcoGroup, one of the largest alcohol trading and distribution organisations in the global ethanol market, with existing facilities on four continents. In response to this acquisition we embarked on a two-phased three year long project to triple our output capacity.

Our shared concern for the environment commits us to use environmentally friendly technology and during 2008 we changed our coal fired boilers to gas boilers for on-tap, clean burning and efficient power. This project provides us a sufficient, reliable source of steam and also generates enough electricity for our site.

NCP Alcohols’ Board of Directors

C-A Peers De Nieuwburgh* (Chairman)
PWB Starling (Managing Director)
B Meeus*
OJC Van Rompaey *
BMA Verbruggen*
TJF Viatour*