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Issue: Dec 2018
Laduma December 2018

NCP Alcohols - Producers of high quality fermentation alcohol

NCP Alcohols is a leading producer of high quality fermentation alcohol for the South African and International beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Our products include: a range of ethanol products and molasses solids.

NCP Alcohols Quality Quality Alcohol Products

Part of the largest global alcohol trading and distributing organizations, NCPA produces superior high quality fermentation alcohol for the South African and International markets.
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Biofuel products Ethanol for Biofuels

NCP Alcohols and the AlcoGroup specialise in the global production, distribution and trade of in excess of 1million m³ of bio-ethanol for the food, industrial and biofuel market worldwide.
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NCP Alcohols SHEQ Policy Quality & Sustainability

Our business practices are defined within industry quality and sustainable management systems. We are ISO 9001, 14001, HACCP and ISO 45001 certified. Our key products are Kosher certified.
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Scam Warning

**Please be aware of a CHANGE OF BANKING DETAILS 'BANK LETTER' email scam**

Fraudsters are sending out letters stating that NCP Alcohols’ banking details have changed. This is not the case, and if you have received any such correspondence please contact NCP Alcohols or your Customer Services Controller.
Please notify all relevant personnel in your organisation urgently.